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There are ways
to cool the climate!!

I'd like to propose an idea that according to indepanant calculations
can halt global warming.

The use of solar reflectors.


The following pages show how a simple, cost effective and efficient idea can achieve significant cooling of the earth
by reflecting the suns energy back into space.

These reflectors have been calculated to be more cost effective than other known means of climate change control.

The concept has clearly works as nature has shown us the way on how to achieve reflection of the suns rays;
it is already done to great effect by snow and ice. 

               Glacier           clouds
               Fresh, deep snow has albedo of 0.9                                   Clouds have a albedo of  upto 0.7    


So just as snow and ice reflects the sun this idea reflects extra suns rays back into space by
the use of many  thousands
of manufactured reflectors.  These
reflectors will placed in
inhospitable areas of several deserts of the world.

Click  next to show the basic solar reflector unit and an array of units.

Or a full presentation can be downloaded by clicking  powerpoint  download

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