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So how much do solar reflectors cost?  

 Firstly it is known that some of the existing options are of collosal cost 

I would argue that of all the solutions, the easiest to manage, the cheapest and quickest
to put into place is the desert based reflectors. 

 A physicist friend of mine (Jim Austin BSc, PhD, University of Keele) has done the calculations to calculate the area of reflectors needed to cool the climate by 1 degree gradually, the answer is approximately an area of the worlds deserts equal to 37% of the Sahara desert.   

Though it is clear that if left unchecked Global warming
is likely to cost untold billions of dollars and lives.

If using 37% of the Sahara Desert, then that area infrastuctire
is designed to last 10 years with a a lower cost repair.
Thus the estimated initial capital cost is $24,000 million US dollars.

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