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Patent free inventions for
the sake of a healthy planet.

Solar reflector


Above is a plan view of a simple cost effective and efficient unit that when used with many others can achieve significant cooling of
the Earth by reflecting the suns energy back into space.  

Off-shore fresh water reservoir.


Above is a oil containment boom that have been employed in various parts of the world.  
My reservoir design  would be round and enclose an area of fresh water.

Drogue chutes to harness the ocean currents.

chute picture

It is without doubt that the ocean currents move enormous amounts of water at a nice steady pace. Underwater turbines are costly and difficult to maintain, conversely a drogue chute offers a more harmonious interaction with the water, while delivering massive amounts of electricity of hydrogen. 

Ocean currents contain the momentum the River Amazon many times over.  


Rural rainwater collection system

Using sheets of recycled rubber to line a simple reservoir and a simple catchment method for arid areas. 
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