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Welcome to some lateral thinking ideas that can save the planet.

We all know that Kyoto is the minimum that needs to be done in
the way of reduction of greenhouse gases.

However; man seems unable to make the drastic changes necessary and is 
now preparing for the consequences of global warming,

But there are alternatives ..... 


For a simple, cost effective invention to achieve significant cooling of the earth
by reflecting the suns energy back into space click here.



For offshore fresh reservoirs  click here

For a concept on generating 
Electricity from Ocean currents click here

A concept in Night and Day sustainable electrical power.
That far exceeds  the efficiency of  existing solar power plants.
click here  for more

Other concepts are to be released 
in due course.    Click here for an overview.


Most of the inventions here are
patent free, that is you can discuss them without my permission.

However -  please ensure I get some credit ! ! !

 obal warming, reverse expanding deserts, climate engineering,ring, OTEC climate engineering, cooling the climate,

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