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Sue and Dave

My name is Dave and I'm an amateur planet friendly sustainable inventor and Sue
is my fantastic wife and keeps me down to earth with reality checks.

The patent free inventions in this web site are for the greater good of the planet.
I could spend years protecting the rights to my ideas, however I believe the planet needs help right now.

Indeed, we need to plan for the long term.  To survive for the next few thousand years human beings
  will need to have a well established system of sustainable energy and resources.
Today we throw away so much in to land fill sites or waste so many of
our resources it will be difficult for future generations to find the resources they need. 
And what about our descendants 50,000 years from now?

 Most of these inventions listed here in this web site are patent free and
have the environment and the planet’s long term survival as its long term goal.

plastic river

I invite anyone to develop these ideas further; so that we can redress the balance and assist the
planet to recover from man's destructive ways.

I welcome constructive criticism on my ideas no matter what the outcome.  My inventions are
quite straight forward but often used in unconventional ways in some cases they are
modifications of existing ideas, when this is the case I have stated it.

The inventions on this website are often inspired by similar systems found in
nature and therefore are built on sound working principles.

Sue and Dave live in Winchester, England.
Please email Dave with queries or donations to further this work.

dave at walkernix.wanadoo.co.uk  change the at for @

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