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OTEC also has so many advantages over many widely known renewables,
yet  the problems raised are due to some people 
not thinking on grand scale or long term.

 It seems to me that this enormous energy resource that would have little if any public objections is left to wait until more economically viable.  It is clear that OTEC plants are expensive, particularly so if  just a few were included in the business case.  But the economies of scale are un-arguable and clearly there are hundreds of possible sites for OTEC and thus the economy of scale can be realised.  These facts need to be borne in mind when the Stern report clearly setting out the stark future for us if we continue with a fossil fuel economy, it would appear crucially important to kick start the hydrogen  economy now with energy ships providing hydrogen.

oil rig

If we can build 
oil rigs then we can build offshore OTEC.  

Presently the world is wanting to see
successful operation of a number of demonstration plants. However is the goal is limited to just shore based plants then OTEC will never be more than a quirky addition to the plethora of renewables.  The vision must include energy ships stationed over the vast areas of ocean  which have been identified as OTEC sites. 

Other relevant points:

Hydrogen c
an be delivered ashore using existing oil pipelines.

Generation of electricity off shore can be used for energy intensive applications such as aluminium production. 

OTEC waste water has huge potential in marine culture and fish farming as the cold waters are rich in nutrients.



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