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Why is the world not using OTEC ???

During my research on drogue chutes I found the elegant and highly efficient  Energy Island Concept.
It may look futuristic yet is achievable today

energy island

These fantastic ideas are very much in line with mine, they  use other forms of
ocean power such as OTEC and wave 
power.   I would on this page like to promote OTEC and
Energy Island Concept and ask why the world has not have the vision to really embrace these systems.

OTEC plant shipIt is known that:-

Colossal amounts of energy, fresh water and other sustainable by products are available from OTEC.

And to quote the 2007 Survey of Energy Resources -
by the World Energy Council  OTEC has the advantage of providing base-load power,  available at a constant rate throughout the 24 hours, and  varying very little with the seasons.  [2]


Furthermore the report discusses how the OTEC plants may be used for the production of liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen, which would be offloaded into shuttle tankers for delivery to energy-importing countries.

Click here for original report summary.   

plantship inside
An extract from sustainable future Organisation - Celestopea.
'In fact, each day the 23 million square miles of tropical ocean absorb an amount of solar energy equal in heat content to 250 billion barrels of oil.  By way of comparison, all the countries of the world together consume about 50 million barrels of oil each day.  If our worldwide grid of OTEC's are only

able to extract 1/10th of 1% of the daily solar radiation, they will produce 20 times the daily amount of electricity currently consumed by the United States.'

Many minerals and chemicals can also be derived as by-products of OTEC operation
 from the 57 elements dissolved in solution in seawater.
See link for full info

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