About Me

Ash HartwellI write dark horror and apocalyptic fiction and have had more than forty short stories published by Stitched Smile Publication, Old Style Press, JEA Press, 13Press (An imprint of Horrified Press) Undead Press, Static Movement and Wicked East Press. I am working on my first novel which will be published by Stitched Smile Publications. I also have a collection of short stories available – Zombies, Vamps, and Fiends – originally published via JEA Press.

Although born in Maine, New England I live in Northamptonshire, old England with my wife and four children and too many animals to count. My literal influences in the horror world are Laymon, Herbert, Poe and King to name a few.

I enjoy horror movies whether it’s a 1950’s ‘B’ movie or an ‘80’s slasher. From the old Hammer House to the new Found footage style and you will find occasional recommendations on this site and my Facebook page.

Formally I was an Intensive care nurse and this not only gave me a keen appreciation of life but also many ideas on how to end it – Painfully, as many of my characters have discovered.

Please don’t be a stranger, and feel free to drop by anytime. But never go into the basement alone!

Ash Hartwell