So what’s up next?

I wrote a long short story (almost a cheeky novella) last year and this will appear soon in an anthology of three stories – the other two are by David Court and AJ Brown – published by Stitched Smile Publications.

The next novel, scheduled for autumn 2019 is nearing completion (first draft, anyway) and is a Victorian tale of witchcraft and devil worship. It’s promising to be dark and gothic with a core theme of good v evil and of course, an ancient curse!

Then maybe a vampire novella.

Then I have a follow up to Tip of the Iceberg planned. It will continue the story of the survivor from the RMS Titanic novel and will follow a similar format of fiction meshing with historical fact.

In the meantime, check out Stitched Smile Publications . com or the House of Stitch on Facebook for other news and release details.

Tip Of The Iceberg is available via Nook, Amazon, Books-a-Million and other on-line book retailers.


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