New Year, New Update.

I’ve had a busy Christmas and New Year period writing four short stories for four anthologies over three publishers. Look out for more news on these in later updates.

So far I have four stories in Tales From The Blue Gonk CafĂ© 3 and TFTBGC2 isn’t even completed yet, but look out for it in the spring I hope. It’s published by 13 Press an imprint of Horrified Press. TFTBGC is still available from them and is well worth reading.

It you like your horror a touch more toe curling then check out Rejected For Content 3; Vicious Vengeance from JEA which continues to sell well, never being far from the top ten horror anthologies on Amazon in its first four months of release.

More news on publications will follow, in the meantime I will push on with the novel…

Remember. Don’t go into the basement alone!

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