What is zombies, vamps and fiends about?

I wrote the ten stories that make up this collection of horror tales over about 18 months. A couple are re-writes of older stories while the others are totally new. In some ways the collection represents a journey. The journey I made from inexperienced writer who thought that publication anywhere was success. to a more experienced, better equipped writer. The stories cross genre’s from a Arthur Conan Doyle styled creature tale to psychological horror. Zombies in the show world to zombies as weapons in a 100 years long first world war alternative history horror. Vamps (be they vampires or sirens) at a beachfront amusement park to a psychotic prisoner on death row, the stories vary, as much in style as content.

In a way I was looking for the writer hidden inside and, like Frankenstein, I stuck bits together to see if he’d come to life. I created a monster! Did I find myself? Maybe. I have ideas for follow up novels, one of which is in an advanced stage and on the alternative history with zombies theme, while others branch into sci-fi or paranormal witchcraft. This is a very public way of exploring ones own mind but I think it has produced an interesting collection of stories which the reader will enjoy. Depending on your taste, some will appeal more than others, but that’s fine – I feel the same (But don’t tell them, they’ll get jealous.)

Please take the time to read it, (you can borrow it through Amazon Unlimited) and I hope enjoy it.


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