Blue Gonk Cafe

Thirteen Press produced an anthology of almost 170 flash fiction pieces ranging from science fiction to gentle humour and on to outright horror. With clever little links between each story, Dorothy Davies (editor) has arranged the pieces in the form of a menu. Five different meals divided throughout the day each with over thirty stories to choose from.

Writers include Jason Brawn, Ken Goldman, David Pearlmutter, E S Wynn, Stephanie Morrell and Mark Tompkins among others. I have five stories Redeemed by another man’s fears, Santiago’s Journey, It’s always the jogger, Flaming buses, and Webmaster. Each section is ended with a 100 word story from Adam Baxter and all five form one 500 word Werewolf story with each focusing on a different sense.

Thirteen Press in an imprint of Horrified Press and all their anthologies can be purchased through the site. Tales from the Blue Gonk Café 2 is being compiled as I write this and I’m pleased to announce that I already have three stories included. The Art Collector, Panic, and Seconds and I have two more to write. Keep an eye out for this title nearer the end of 2015 and while you wait, why not peruse the menu at the Blue Gonk Café. You won’t be disappointed.

All Horrified and Thirteen Press titles are available from and via Amazon.

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