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Change is inevitable…   This anthology from 13 O’clock Publications covers changes of the darkest kind, the kind that will affect you in the most horrible of ways and make you thankful for the safety offered by maintaining the status… (Read more)


Look whats out before Halloween!!! Due out in September or early October this anthology is published by 13Press an imprint of Horrified Press. It will include DEATH REEL a story about Oscar, the mad projectionist at an abandoned cinema. Buy a… (Read more)

Larry by Adam Millard

These will be available, signed, at Southcart Books, Walsall, on the 30th August, along with most of Adam’s other stuff. He’ll also be interviewed, reading something or other, and taking part in a panel with Jasper Bark, Theresa Derwin, Graham Stratford, David Croser… (Read more)

Long Pig

Cannibalism, the last taboo, explored in depth in an exciting horrific collection of stories by talented writers recruited for this Static Movement anthology by Dorothy Davies who suggests you read it before you eat … Enjoy…

Christmas Fear 2

Organ donor dash before Christmas chiseling out final chances to be Santa to somebody else’s adult strip club kids-the air pirates of the intergalactic motels making unauthorized incisions into tourists, travel guides and ice bucket guts to go post-operative pain… (Read more)